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Tax Questions (home)
Tax Questions is a resource website for taxpayers. When it comes to tax codes, tax laws and the IRS, most taxpayers have questions, usually more than one. Most of the tax questions are not easily answered by reading IRS guides, IRS instruction booklets or IRS tax publications.
Tax Questions
Below are general tax questions and answers such as what different types of taxes are in the US as well as how to questions about taxes.
What are the Different Types of Taxes
Below is a list of different types of taxes in the USA. There are many types of taxes in this country and even more types of taxes are proposed. Some types of taxes are federal taxes only while others are also state taxes and local taxes. Different types of taxes have different tax rates.
What is the Statute of Limitations
Below is the definition of the Statute of Limitation as well as information concerning the statute of limitation.
What does IRS stand for
The IRS stands for Internal Revenue Service.
What is tax planning tax avoidance and tax evasion
Tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion are often referred to side by side. Let’s examine what tax planning, tax avoidance and tax evasion are.
What is tax planning
Tax planning is the method of organizing and planning your financial affairs so that your tax liability is as low as possible.
Tax Filing Questions
Below are tax filing questions. Not everyone needs to file tax returns and questions below will help taxpayers determine if they need to file their tax returns.
When can I start filing my 2007 income tax return
You can start filing your 2007 income tax return from January 11, 2008. January 11, 2008 is the first day the IRS starts accepting tax returns.
How early can you file your 2007 income tax return
you can file your 2007 income tax return as early as January 11, 2008. If you try to send your 2007 income tax return to the IRS electronically, you will find that your 2007 income tax return will not be accepted by the IRS.
When to file income taxes
You can start filing your income taxes as early as January 11 the following tax year. So, if you are filing for the tax year 2007, you can start filing your 2007 taxes as early as January 11, 2008.
When can I file my taxes
You can file your taxes any time between the time the IRS opens up for receiving tax returns and the deadline for filing tax returns which, for most people it, is April 15 of the following calendar year.
When to file taxes married filing separately
There are many reasons why a taxpayer may want to file taxes as married filing separately. First of all, you have to be married to file your tax return using the married filing separately tax filing status.
When do you have to file taxes
Not everyone has to file taxes. Below are situations when you will have to file your taxes.
When are taxes due
Taxes are due on April 15 of the following year for most people.
What is the deadline date for tax extensions
Usually the due date for filing tax returns for most people is April 15 of the calendar year following the tax year.
Do I need to file a tax return
Under certain circumstances, a taxpayer does not need to file a tax return. Depending on your tax filing status and the amount of money (gross income) you make, you may need to file a tax return.
When don’t you have to file income tax return
Consider the table of gross income thresholds below, if you make less than the gross income levels in the last column then you are not required to file income tax return.
What is the mininum income to not filke income taxes
If you don’t make much money, then you do not need to file income taxes. The minimum income to not file inocme taxes are below.
Filing Tax For Deceased Person
The answer to the question about filing tax for deceased person below answers questions about Filing income tax for a deceased father.
What do I need to file my tax return
Filing a tax return usually means filing federal tax return and state tax returns. Both state and federal tax returns often need you to have the same type of documents to back up your income reporting and expenses as well as credits and deductions you are claiming.
Who can file taxes for free in 2007
Every year, certain low income taxpayers can e-file for free. Note that the free e-file offer is only valid for federal tax returns. Even with low income, you may have to pay a small amount to e-file your state tax returns.
Where do I file taxes for free
If you are looking to paper file your taxes then there is no charge. You can send in your prepared tax return (Form 1040 with additional schedules and forms) to the IRS free of charge.
How long are tax extensions good for
When you file the tax form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File US Individual Income Tax Return, you are given an automatic 4 months of extension to file your tax return.
Tax Extension for Corporation
Filing for a tax extension for corporation, what IRS tax form to use to file tax extension for corporation? If you need a tax extension for your corporation, you can file the tax form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Income Tax Return.
How to file taxes for Mary Kay consultants
Nowadays, consultants such as Mary Kay consultants make quite a bit of income to need to file their tax returns with the IRS. However, many Mary Kay consultants do not know how to file taxes for Mary Kay consultants and many do not want to hire a CPA or tax preparer to help them.
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Tax Questions is a resource and information website. We do not offer individual advice. For specific tax questions and answers, please consult your tax attorney.