How to prepare income tax

How to prepare income tax?

If you are new to tax preparation, know that there is a big market out there for tax preparation. There are many ways to prepare income tax. When you prepare income tax, you are filling out certain set of tax forms and send them to the IRS. Below are how to prepare income tax returns to be sent to the IRS.

Who to prepare your income tax return?

You can choose to have the following people prepare your tax return:

  1. yourself
  2. someone else who you pay such as tax preparer or a CPA
  3. someone else who you don’t pay such as tax help services
Ways to prepare income tax returns

You can choose to prepare your tax return the following ways:

  1. using a tax software which you buy and install on your computer TaxCut by H&R Block.
  2. using online programs such as TaxCut by H&R Block where you prepare your tax return online without having to install the software on your computer.
  3. print out tax forms and fill them out manually and mail to the IRS or e-file
  4. visit a local tax preparer or a CPA and have them prepare your tax return for you.
How to file my income tax return?

Once you have prepared your tax return, you can sign it and submit to the IRS. You can send your tax return to the IRS the following ways:

  1. mail the IRS all the tax forms you have filled out
  2. electronically file your tax return to the IRS

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