Single tax filing status

What is the single tax filing status?

Single is one of the 5 tax filing status. When you prepare your tax return, you need to choose your tax filing status. So, what is the definition of “single” for tax filing status?

Definition of Single Tax Filing Status

Single person

Anyone who wasn’t married on December 31 can use the single filing status.

Legally separated person

You can also use the single filing status if you have a written, legal separation agreement. You need to have a legal document to file as a single tax payer if you are married.

When should I file as a single tax payer?

If you are single with no dependent, then you need to file as a single taxpayer.

If you have a dependent

However, if you were widowed, divorced, or legally separated on December 31 and provided support to a dependent, you might be able to lower your tax bills or get more tax refunds from the IRS by filing as head of household or qualifying widow(er).

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