IRS Income Tax

IRS Income Tax

What is the IRS income tax?

What people loosely refer to as the IRS income tax is the federal income tax as opposed to state income tax or city income tax. Every income earners need to pay the IRS income tax every year. The tax filing deadline for filing the IRS income tax is usually April 15th for most taxpayers. Below are some frequently asked questions about the IRS income tax.

At what age does one no longer pay income tax to IRS?

Every year, there are people who believe that they did not have to pay the IRS income tax because they are of a certain age. This is never the case. Anyone of any age, no matter how old, needs to pay the IRS income tax unless he or she is exempt due to the income level.

If a taxpayer does not earn much, then it is likely that he or she will not have to pay the IRS income tax but it is not because he or she is too old or too young to pay taxes. Different income rules apply for people of different age groups.

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